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BRX Car Launch.


Client.  BRX / CSM / ProDrive


Two separate campaigns to promote the launch of a new team taking on the infamous Dakar Rally. Owned by Bahrain Group Mumtalakat, the team is managed by CSM and car built by ProDrive. Our content was to be used for the public launch, sponsor sales pitches, PR, magazine prints, website and social.



  • 2 x Hero Video Edits 

  • 6 x Social Cut Downs

  • 15 x Campaign Hero Imagery

  • 2 x Full Image Galleries

  • PR Video Edits and Sponsorship Sales Edit

Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 10.37.26.png


These projects were a diverse mix of studio production, field work and 3D animation. Storyboarded by ourselves and CSM, we lead a creative brief using VO, interviews and animated script as the backbone. Footage from the Desert, the ProDrive factory, a studio shoot and archival footage bolstered the message and told the required story through beautiful visuals, this was pulled together through amazing animation including 3D animation of the car concept, before it was built. Each of the edits were subtitled in at least 3 different languages. 



  • 10 million 

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