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Mercedes AMG F1.


ClientMercedes AMG F1




Through a well established and on running relationship with the current F1 world champions we are proud to support them across a range of photographic endeavours. From behind the scenes at one of F1s most elusive factories, through studio marketing photography shoots, live track work and social media campaigns we assist and provide the high end imagery that is required.




  • Lead marketing imagery

  • Social campaigns

  • Live event content 



From working on team portraits, building out stock libraries for the client and helping develop image based narratives that drive marketing campaigns. It’s an incredibly fortunate position to get an insight into one of the most successful motorsport teams of all time. Working with Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and many others over the years both on and off the track to see how these characters can be portrayed through the still image.



  • 22.5 million 


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