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ClientVodafone, The North  Face, Wex 


Capture the journey of 23 Vodafone employees undertaking the climb of Mt Kilimanjaro in just 7 days. We were asked to find sub narratives within the group mentality and delve into personal goals as well as the groups collective aim. 




  •  2 X Hero Edit.

  •  6 X Social Cut Downs.

  •  1 X Poetic Edit 

  •  Complete image gallery.



This was an incredible trip on all accounts, we hiked and camped with a group of international Vodafone employees who were raising a vast amount of money for various causes through the Vodafone Foundation. We climbed with an extensive amount of production and film equipment and had to be completely self-sufficient with it whilst climbing all the way up to nearly 7,000m above sea level. No charging points, no back up devices and the never ending daily dust then night time freeze trying it’s best to break both us; and our kit. It was an honour summiting the world's highest solitary mountain with a group we had grown to call close friends.


  • 1.2 Million

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