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Mentawaiis Surf.


BriefKandui Resort,  Quiksilver, Billabong, Hayden Shapes, McTavish Surf


Photo series working with Kandui Resort and their leading surfers. Aim to highlight what the resort offers both in it’s surf capacity but also produce work that highlights the natural beauty of the stunning land and seascapes. 



  • Complete photo series

  • Live social image delivery 

AG5A0093way too many shotsLR.jpg


Having been out to the Mentawaiis a few times; it’s heaven for both surf and photography. Shallow reefs, good weather, consistent waves and barely anyone there. It’s amazing how different 3 shoots within the same day on the same wave can look with differing wave heights and sun angle. It’s an amazing opportunity to get creative with surf photography as the majority of waves have someone on, and generally that person is a very able surfer, using this as a subject on a stunning backdrop just helps build the image layers.


  • 3.5 Million


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