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Picture Organic.


ClientPicture Organic Clothing


Create a series of video edits and photography to support the AW20/21 range. Promoting the wetsuits and summer expedition line with surfing, hiking and camping. For this project, the storytelling will play an important role: enjoying the outdoors and surfing, being close to nature, looking for freedom, etc. We want your creative freedom to allow a free flowing narrative to be developed. 




  •  1 X Hero Edit.

  •  4 X Social Cut Downs.

  •  Complete image gallery.



We’ve worked with Picture for a number of years, they’ve been a pleasure to work with and we share a similar adventurous attitude. This trip in particular was an adventure to Brittany, in what turned out to be a pretty ‘surf-less’ and wind-torn 10 days. We had to rebuild a narrative and storyboard on site due to being caught in a huge storm and complete lack of surf, not the ideal situation but we focus on finding solutions in these times. We searched the beautiful French countryside, making the most of the landscape and stories that it holds whilst intertwining a fresh look at the characters and traits we were working with.


  • 1.5 Million


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