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The Edge of North.


Client. Finisterre, Twisted Automotive, Nixon, Vans, Sun God, Korev Lager



Spend 10 days on the North Coast of Scotland with a selection of professional surfers creating commercial brand content for multiple sponsors. Document the beauty within the wilderness and stark landscapes whilst exploring the coastal region discovering surf breaks amid the wild Scottish winter. 



  •  Series of commercial social edits and 1 Hero edit. Supported by both commercial marketing photos and social albums



This was an explorative project for us and one that we’ll cherish. Not everything went to plan but fortunately we had an amazing group of people in one spot and despite not getting the surf we hoped for, the moral of the group and beauty of the landscape revealed a new narrative. It’s a concept we will be exploring more of, with new knowledge we are now in a place to scale the approach and production with a much more rounded and complete outcome.


  • 680 Thousand


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