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Gumball 3000.


ClientGuess Jeans, Harley Davidson, Gumball 3000, Carrera Eyewear



We’re lucky enough to have been part of the Gumball 3000 (in various capacities) since 2015. We’ve shot for Gumball 3000 themselves and various sponsors. Each year the brief varies hugely but these are generally very reactive marketing pieces we are producing while on ‘location’ travelling around the world, shooting, editing, animating and delivering content 24/7 for the eternity of the trip.




  • Mass client delivery of daily edits and image galleries with annually released marketing and legacy edits for a huge variety of clients.



It’s been an honour to be part of such a wild ride each year. While it’s incredibly fun and’s a fast paced, reactive event, where sleep is minimal. The journey has to be planned to a T, the deliverables are vast and we’re either on the road, at an evening event or trying to sleep. The challenge of the edit (photography, video and drone) is huge. While we’ve created live edits for the past few years, we look forward to getting under the skin of the event more. The people, the narrative and the journey are incredibly unique and deserving of a longer form doc. 


  • 34 Million.


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