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Puma NYC.


ClientPuma x The Green Room


Create a visual description of the key features of a new Puma store on 5th Avenue, NYC. These interactive and ‘phigital’ features of the store were a world first. Through animation, footage and interviews shot within the store, capture the essence of what the shoppers can experience with their chosen AI celebrity counterparts.


  • 1 x Hero Video Edits 

  • 1 x Social Lead Edit

  • 4 x social Cut Downs

  • 1 x Full Image Gallery



With the store being built around us, this was a challenging project to shoot in just one day. Without genuine fan reaction we had to lean more on the aesthetics of the store, photography, vox pops from various creators and animation. It was great to blend footage with animation and ‘bring to life’ what was on screen. There’s often a challenge to recreate an experience from footage and talking alone but essential to the edit was our use of GFX for the customer interaction.



  • 8.5 million 


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